Why do companies consider aptitude so important for Jobs and How to Prepare for it?

While making hiring decisions, companies have limited time & information for every candidate’s shortlisting. Every company is bombarded with tons of CVs, especially for fresher jobs. In such cases, it becomes really difficult for HRs to make an informed decision just by looking at candidates’ resumes. And almost all fresher resumes look very similar since no work experience is added. It is also not possible to interview each candidate with limited company resources. To address these issues, companies introduce an additional round of aptitude tests and resume shortlisting before the interview process. This helps companies shortlist only the relevant candidates for the interview round. Some companies also introduce psychometric tests, GD rounds, essay writing or other additional rounds to filter the candidates.

But why is aptitude considered so important by companies? While your resume reflects your work experience & domain expertise, aptitude is more of a generic skill. It gives an idea bout your IQ and problem-solving skills independent of your domain knowledge. Also, there is a mix of questions from multiple areas: critical reasoning, Data interpretation, basic quantitative aptitude & verbal; & you can pick your strength area to maximise your score. Since it’s just a qualifying criterion, companies decide a cut-off to ensure that candidates selected for the interview round are above a certain threshold in generic problem solving skills.

Understanding whether the candidates know the basics of problem-solving: It is a pity that our education system does not focus on the subject or discipline of problem-solving in everyday life. But, when you have a job, it is the most important and frequently needed quality. Therefore, to ensure that the candidates are well-aware of all the necessary tactics of problem-solving, the companies consider aptitude tests a necessity.

To ensure that the candidates have basic knowledge in mathematics: Mathematics is an important subject in our everyday life situations. And the aptitude test measures proficiency in mathematics as well. The more efficient a candidate is in mathematics, the more capable they are in everyday life activities. Thus, aptitude tests are important as they measure whether the candidates have basic knowledge and efficacy in mathematics. 

To find whether the candidates can solve real-life problems and situations: Every job requires the workers to have the ability to face and solve everyday problems. And thus, the candidates must be prepared to solve real-life problems efficiently and successfully. This is exactly what the aptitude tests measure. As a result, it helps the companies understand which candidates know the best, unique and most effective problem-solving methods. 

Aptitude is considered an inclusive quality: aptitude is such a virtue that excelling in it reflects that the person is proficient in almost all the other necessary qualities, like problem-solving, mathematics and the like. Therefore, companies can understand and choose the list of talented and skilled candidates by assessing their aptitude scores, which reflects a lot in just a short test in a short time. 

Acts as an indication of IQ: Many companies consider that a good aptitude score means that the person has a good IQ measure. To some extent, this assessment is true and can work. Therefore, the companies can understand and appoint candidates having good aptitude scores, as it would mean that they are intelligent and would be beneficial for the company. 

So, the reasons for companies to consider aptitude tests important are many and equally rational. Scoring well in the aptitude test indicates that the candidate has great potential and can contribute efficiently to the company. And thus, when you are an aspirant aiming for a job, ensure to prepare well for the aptitude test because it can be the make-or-break step to your dreams.

How do I prepare for aptitude?

All aspirants prepare their best for the examinations and the interview. There are many stages and segments of the examination that they have to pass. And one of the most important and tough ones is the aptitude test. Many people find it easy, but it requires hefty preparation and diligence. In the following division, we will discuss how you can prepare ideally for the job aptitude. 

Have a staunch plan: You must have a mind map about how to go about the test. The aim is not just to finish in time but also to answer all the questions correctly. Different aptitude tests are meant for different jobs. Whether it is an IT company, an aptitude test for the GATE exam, and the like, your preparation and planning will have to change accordingly. 

Know about your test: Be acquainted with what the pattern and nature of questions can be like. You can refer to the online sources or ask previously experienced friends or seniors. When you are acquainted with the test, you get a boost of confidence which reflects positively on your test. 

Practice with realistic simulation: The aptitude is crucial for your placement. Therefore, practising is not just it. You have to practise in an environment similar to where you will be appearing. If you find that your test will be conducted online, try to practice in a set-up that offers the same experience. 

Know your references: Ensure that you study from the most beneficial references. You can resort to the resources that are available online. Additionally, you can look through the youtube videos as well. One beneficial youtube channel that can help you order us Career Ride. And a beneficial book that can help you prepare is Quantitative Aptitude by Dr R. S. Aggarwal. Many institutes like Indiabix, Coursera, and Udemy also are good teachers of appetite. Many aspirants have suggested Quantitative Aptitude & DI for Placements 2022: Tips & Trick by Priya Singh from Udemy. To Be an effective guide in cracking the aptitude test. 

Since there could be millions of questions created in aptitude, there is no way that you can know what exact questions will be asked in the test. But what you can prepare for is the basics & concepts. If you are thorough with your conceptual understanding, then you will not struggle in aptitude tests irrespective of the number of questions, difficulty level & duration of the test. Following is a tentative list of topics that gets covered in typical aptitude tests. You can study all the topics from anywhere, either a book like R S Agrawal, Arun Sharma or youtube videos or even a private tutor. 

  • Probability
  • Permutations and Combination
  • Profit & Loss
  • Distance & Time 
  • Simple & compound interest
  • Ratios
  • Percentages
  • Averages
  • Number system
  • Coding decoding
  • Blood Relation
  • Series completion
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Reading comprehension
  • Sentence Correction
  • Synonym & Antonym

Be filled with confidence: Confidence is an influential factor to have when you are appearing or rearing for your aptitude test. Well, you can gain confidence from sources like the book by Arun Sharma or any other eminent aptitude books for preparation. 

Cracking the aptitude test for your job will be a cup of tea when you prepare properly. And the right preparation comes with suitable sources of knowledge, hard work and prior planning. And with that, you can readily and successfully crack the job aptitude test in no time.

LearnTheta helps you prepare for Quantitative aptitude at your own pace & helps you see your current level and how you are improving at every step.

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