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Adaptive Practice for Quantitative Aptitude

At LearnTheta, we offer tailored adaptive quant practice for CAT, Bank PO, SSC, Railways, and Placements, matching your pace and performance. Our platform features an extensive question bank, real-time analytics, and specialized content focused on quantitative aptitude.

Algorithm tailors each question as you attempt
Select one or more topics to practice questions
Track your percentile as you keep practicing

About LearnTheta !

Founded by alumni of IIT and IIM, Learn(θ) is dedicated to making self-study more efficient, particularly for practice-intensive subjects like Math and Quantitative Aptitude. While ample materials are available online, the guidance needed for consistent daily self-study often falls short. Learn(θ) fills this crucial gap, offering the support students require for effective independent learning.

Our Philosophy

At Learn(θ), we’re revolutionizing education with an innovative approach that breaks away from traditional, expensive bundled courses. We offer each module as a standalone product, giving you just what you need at a price that’s fair and beneficial for everyone. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we ensure that high-quality education is not only accessible but also customizable and flexible, empowering you to learn on your terms without being tied down.

How to Use LearnTheta?

1. Complete a Topic: Finish a topic via coaching, a book, or an online course
2. Log In and Select Topic: Choose the recently completed topic from LearnTheta’s list
3. Start Practicing: Solve the questions one at a time, focusing on the question presented
4. Take Your Time: Spend as much time as needed without rushing to the solution
5. Seek Help If Stuck: Review study materials if you forget a concept or formula
6. Adaptive Learning: It will tailor subsequent questions based on your performance
7. Monitor Progress: Watch your percentile update within the system
8. Expand Practice: Incorporate new topics into your practice as you learn them
9. Continue Practicing: Consistently use LearnTheta to see improvements in the percentile

Our Learners Speak !

Signing up here really helped me through CAT quant prep. The practice sessions were perfect. Hard enough to make me learn, but not so hard that I’d give up. It’s like the system knew where I needed help. My speed and accuracy are way better now

Dhruv Thakur, CAT 2024 aspirant

Question level on this platform are really good. You can also practice just one topic if you want to. And I can practice anytime, and pick up from where I had left. It has really helped with my Quant for CAT.

Riya Ghosh, CAT 2024 aspirant

I was not sure how an online platform could help with Quantitative Aptitude, but this was a pleasant surprise! The questions cover everything. It feels like the system is made just for you, guiding you all the way. Now, I’m way more confident with Placement aptitude preparation.

Aman Patel, B Tech Final year
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