Having a CAT scorecard is mandatory for candidates seeking admission to postgraduate management programs at IIMs. Additionally, over 1000 MBA colleges consider CAT scores for admissions. IIMs, being the premier institutions, primarily accept CAT scores as their sole entrance exam for MBA admissions. Currently, there are 21 IIMs, all of which will consider CAT 2023 scores for admissions in 2024. Each IIM sets its sectional and overall CAT score cutoffs, typically ranging from 90 to 98 percentile. Alongside IIMs, other top MBA colleges accepting CAT scores include FMS Delhi, MDI Gurgaon, SPJIMR Mumbai, SJMSoM IIT Mumbai, and DoMS IIT Delhi.

Here’s a list of top MBA colleges accepting CAT scores within different percentile ranges, along with essential information like fee, placements and other details about each college.

Top MBA Colleges Accepting CAT in IIM Category

Institute NameFees (in Lakhs)Average Salary (in Lakhs)CAT CutoffWebsite Link
IIM Ahmedabad Rs. 25 lakhRs. 32.8 LPA99 Percentile https://www.iima.ac.in/
IIM Bangalore Rs. 24.50 lakhRs. 35.31 LPA99 Percentilehttps://www.iimb.ac.in/
IIM Calcutta Rs. 31 lakhRs. 35.07 LPA99 Percentilehttps://www.iimcal.ac.in/
IIM Kozhikode Rs. 20.50 lakhRs. 31.02 LPA97 Percentilehttps://www.iimk.ac.in/
IIM Lucknow Rs. 14.16 lakhRs. 32.2 LPA95 Percentilehttps://www.iiml.ac.in/
IIM Indore Rs. 16 lakhRs. 30.21 LPA95 Percentilehttps://www.iimidr.ac.in/
IIM Trichy Rs. 21 lakhRs. 20.55 LPA93 Percentilehttps://www.iimtrichy.ac.in/
IIM Amritsar Rs. 19.00 lakhRs. 16.51 LPA 90 Percentilehttps://www.iimamritsar.ac.in/
IIM Rohtak Rs. 17.9 lakhRs.18.73 LPA95 Percentilehttps://www.iimrohtak.ac.in/
IIM Bodhgaya Rs. 16.28 lakhRs. 16.06 LPA93 Percentilehttps://www.iimbg.ac.in/
IIM Sambalpur Rs. 18.16 lakhRs. 18.25 LPA 93 Percentilehttps://www.iimsambalpur.ac.in/
IIM Sirmaur Rs. 18.10 lakhRs. 14.45 LPA93 Percentilehttp://www.iimsirmaur.ac.in/
IIM Jammu Rs. 18.78 lakhRs. 16.50 LPA93 Percentilehttps://www.iimj.ac.in/
IIM Ranchi Rs. 17.20 lakhRs. 17.3 LPA93 Percentilehttps://www.iimranchi.ac.in/
IIM Raipur Rs. 14.20 lakhRs. 21.04 LPA93 Percentilehttps://www.iimraipur.ac.in/
IIM Kashipur Rs. 20.15 lakhRs. 18.1 LPA93 Percentilehttps://www/iimkashipur.ac.in
IIM Shillong Rs. 19 lakhRs. 26.96 LPA93 Percentilehttps://www.iimshillong.ac.in/
IIM Udaipur Rs. 13.25 lakhRs. 20.32 LPA94 Percentilehttps://iimu.ac.in/
IIM Nagpur Rs. 12.10 lakhRs. 16.74 LPA 93 Percentilehttps://www.iimnagpur.ac.in/
IIM Visakhapatnam Rs. 18.50 lakhRs. 16.61 LPA82 Percentilehttps://www.iimv.ac.in/
IIM Mumbai  (Prev. NITIE) Rs. 21 lakhRs. 25.4 LPA95 Percentilehttp://iimmumbai.ac.in/

Top MBA Colleges Accepting CAT in IIT Category

Institute NameFees (in Lakhs)Average Salary (in Lakhs)CAT Cutoff Website Link
IIT Delhi (DMS)Rs. 6.04 lakhs25.82 LPA95 Percentilehttps://dms.iitd.ac.in/
IIT Bombay (SJSOM)Rs. 14.34 lakhsRs 28.88 LPA95 Percentilehttps://www.som.iitb.ac.in/
IIT Kanpur (IME)Rs. 3.16 lakhsRs. 18.14 LPA85 Percentilehttp://www.iitk.ac.in/imeold/
IIT Madras (DOMS)Rs. 12.26 lakhsRs. 21.48 LPA85 Percentilehttps://doms.iitm.ac.in/
IIT Roorkee (DOMS)Rs. 4.00 lakhsRs. 18.34 LPA95 Percentilehttps://doms.iitr.ac.in/
IIT Dhanbad (IMS)Rs. 3.12 lakhsRs. 16.98 LPA85 Percentilehttps://www.iitism.ac.in/
IIT Kharagpur (VGSOM)Rs. 12.88 lakhsRs. 22.13 LPA90 Percentilehttps://som.iitkgp.ac.in/

Top MBA Colleges Accepting CAT in Non-IIM Category

Institute NameFees (in Lakhs)Average Salary (in Lakhs)CAT Cutoff Website Link
Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), New DelhiRs. 2.00 lakhsRs. 34.10 LPA98 Percentilehttps://www.fms.edu/
S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, MumbaiRs. 24.00 lakhsRs. 33.02 LPA85 Percentilehttps://www.spjimr.org/
Management Development Institute (MDI), GurugramRs. 24.70 lakhsRs. 27.67 LPA95 Percentilehttps://www.mdi.ac.in/
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), DelhiRs. 33.77 lakhsRs. 29.10 LPA95 Percentilehttps://www.iift.ac.in/
Institute of Management Technology (IMT), GhaziabadRs. 21.53 lakhsRs. 17.35 LPA90 Percentilehttps://www.imt.edu/
Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS), MumbaiRs.11.20 lakhsRs. 28.02 LPA96 Percentilehttps://www.jbims.edu/
International Management Institute (IMI), New DelhiRs. 20.95 lakhsRs. 17.01 LPA90 Percentilehttps://www.imi.edu/delhi/
Xavier Institute of Management, BhuvneshwarRs. 19.30 lakhsRs. 20.03 LPA91 Percentilehttps://ximb.edu.in/
BITS School of Management (BITSoM), MumbaiRs 27.20 lakhsRs. 23.85 LPA94 Percentilehttps://www.bitsom.edu.in/

Other Top MBA Colleges Accepting CAT Scores

Institute NameFees (in Lakhs)Average Salary (in Lakhs)CAT CutoffWebsite Link
SIMSREE, MumbaiRs. 2.00 LPARs. 15.19 LPA95 Percentilehttps://www.simsree.org/
Mudra Institute of Communications (MICA), AhmedabadRs. 23.00 lakhsRs. 20.09 LPA80 Percentilehttps://www.mica.ac.in/
Great Lakes Institute of Management (GLIM), ChennaiRs. 17.95 lakhsRs. 14.50 LPA85 Percentilehttps://www.greatlakes.edu.in/
Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA), GujaratRs. 16.75 lakhsRs 15.50 LPA80 Percentilehttps://irma.ac.in/
FORE School of Management, New DelhiRS. 18.36 lakhsRs 15.10 LPA85 Percentilehttps://www.fsm.ac.in/
T.A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), ManipalRs. 17.70 lakhsRs 14.60 LPA85 Percentilehttps://www.tapmi.edu.in/
Goa Institute of Management (GIM), Sanquelim Rs. 19.40 lakhsRs. 14.70 LPA85 Percentilehttps://gim.ac.in/
ICFAI Business School (IBS), Hyderabad Rs. 16.02 lakhsRs. 10.42 LPA85 Percentilehttps://ibsindia.org/ibs-hyderabad/
SDA Bocconi Asia Centre, MumbaiRs.14.08 lakhsRs. 28.88 LPA90 Percentilehttps://sdabocconiasiacenter.com/
Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management (LBSIM), DelhiRs. 6.00 lakhsRs. 12.42 LPA80 Percentilehttps://www.lbsim.ac.in/
Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), PilaniRs. 9.26 lakhsRs. 17.36 LPA80 Percentilehttps://web.bits-pilani.ac.in/
K. J. Somaiya Institute (SIMSR), MumbaiRs. 19.18 lakhsRs. 12.32 LPA84 Percentilehttps://kjsim.somaiya.edu/en/
Nirma University Institute of Management (NIRMA), AhmedabadRs. 12.62 lakhsRs. 13.00 LPA78 Percentilehttps://management.nirmauni.ac.in/
University Business School, Panjab University [UBS], ChandigarhRs. 0.60 lakhsRs. 13.72 LPA85 Percentilehttps://ubs.puchd.ac.in/
Prin. L. N Welingkar Institute (WeSchool), MumbaiRs. 14.00 lakhsRs 12.04 LPA78 Percentilehttps://www.welingkar.org/

Selection Criteria

Achieving a commendable score in the CAT (Common Admission Test) is undoubtedly a noteworthy achievement. However, it’s crucial to understand that gaining admission to esteemed MBA programs involves more than just this single metric. Top-tier MBA colleges employ a multifaceted selection process that delves into various aspects of an applicant’s profile, going beyond CAT scores. This holistic evaluation involves considering a range of specific selection criteria, including the pivotal GWPI (Group Discussion, Written Ability Test, and Personal Interview) rounds, along with other critical factors –

  • Group Discussion (GD): In a GD, candidates are typically divided into groups and given a topic to discuss. GD assesses candidates’ communication skills, ability to articulate their thoughts, leadership qualities, and their capacity to work effectively in a team.
  • Written Ability Test (WAT): In a WAT, candidates are required to write essays on given topics within a specified time frame. WAT evaluates candidates’ writing skills, analytical thinking, and their ability to express ideas coherently and logically.
  • Personal Interview (PI): The personal interview is a crucial component of the selection process. During the PI, candidates are interviewed by a panel of experts who assess various aspects such as the candidate’s academic background, work experience, extracurricular activities, communication skills, leadership potential, and overall personality.
  • Academic Background: The candidate’s academic record, including undergraduate grades and any additional qualifications, is considered. A strong academic background may be indicative of the candidate’s ability to handle the rigors of an MBA program.
  • Work Experience: Work experience is often valued by MBA programs, particularly for candidates applying to executive or part-time MBA programs. The quality, relevance, and duration of work experience are taken into account, as it can contribute to classroom discussions and enrich the learning experience.
  • Extracurricular Activities and Achievements: Participation in extracurricular activities, community service, sports, or leadership roles demonstrates a candidate’s well-roundedness, teamwork skills, and initiative beyond academics and work.
  • Diversity and Background: MBA programs strive to create diverse cohorts to foster a rich learning environment. Candidates from diverse backgrounds in terms of nationality, ethnicity, industry, and educational disciplines may bring unique perspectives to the classroom.
  • Career Goals and Alignment with the Program: Candidates who demonstrate a clear understanding of their career goals and how the MBA program will help them achieve those goals are viewed favorably. They should articulate how the program’s curriculum, faculty, resources, and alumni network align with their aspirations.
  • Overall Profile: Admission committees evaluate candidates’ overall profile, looking for individuals who not only have strong academic and professional achievements but also exhibit qualities such as leadership potential, resilience, adaptability, and a passion for learning and growth.

In summary, while a good CAT score is important, it is just one aspect of the comprehensive evaluation process conducted by top MBA colleges. Candidates need to prepare diligently for the GWPI rounds and ensure that their overall profile aligns with the values and requirements of the institution they are applying to. Here is a list of Top MBA Colleges and their Selection Criteria.

InstitutesSelection CriteriaSpecific Features
IIMs (21 IIMs)CAT + Own GWPI processMany IIMs have transitioned from Group Discussions to Written Ability Tests (WAT) as part of their selection process,
leading to the evolution of GWPI (Group Discussion, Written Ability Test, and Personal Interview).
Several newer IIMs have adopted a standardized WAT-PI process, streamlining the evaluation criteria for candidates.
The weightage assigned to academic background and work experience fluctuates across different IIMs and can vary
annually, reflecting the evolving needs and priorities of each institute.
IITsCAT + Own GWPI processGenerally, IIT Bombay tends to shortlist candidates with percentiles around 98, followed closely by IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur,
IIT Madras, and IIT Kanpur, among others.
Each IIT employs a unique selection criteria. For instance, IIT Bombay allocates 20% weightage to CAT score, 44% to the
Written Ability Test and Personal Interview (WAT-PI), and 36% to the candidate’s profile.
Most IITs exclusively consider engineering graduates or those in their final year of graduation. However, IIT Madras and
IIT Delhi have a broader approach, welcoming candidates from non-engineering backgrounds as well.
Other Non-IIMsCAT + Own GWPI processNon-IIM institutes often have their own distinct selection processes and criteria for admission to their management programs.
Many non-IIM institutes place importance on academic performance, work experience, extracurricular activities, and
performance in personal interviews or group discussions.
Some institutes may give preference to candidates from specific academic backgrounds or with relevant work experience in
certain industries.
The weightage assigned to different components of the selection process can vary significantly from one non-IIM institute to
another, and may also change from year to year based on the institute’s requirements and goals.
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