Should I consider Bank PO exam?

What is Bank PO?

Bank Probationary Officer is one of the most coveted jobs across Banks. Once you clear the bank PO exam, you are recruited as a Probationary Officer. You have to manage multiple tasks: opening bank accounts, executing cheque transactions, managing cash, loan document verification, handling customer queries, etc. With this role, the idea is to give exposure to multiple functions. Then you get deputed as Assistant manager of a branch for a more specific role like credit officer, service manager, branch manager etc.

PO is a very important post for Banks to manage their day-to-day functioning. Bank PO is involved in almost every operation at banks. Tentative salaries for Bank PO is 40,000/- month along with additional benefits, including leased accommodation in many cases. If this sounds exciting to you, you should definitely consider Bank PO exams.

Can anyone & everyone clear the Bank PO exam?

Yes, irrespective of your background or IQ level, it is very much possible to crack the Bank PO exam with six months of sincere preparation. The Bank PO exam tests you on defined subjects & patterns. Even if you are a slow learner, with hard work, you will be able to grasp the pattern and would be able to crack the exam without any difficulty. The only commitment needed here is dedicated sincere efforts for months to crack the exam.

What are other options for graduates like me apart from Bank PO?

There are multiple other exams you can consider, like SSC, Railways, CAT, PSC, teaching jobs, insurance, police etc. But you need to figure out your interest as every role is very different from others, and the level of competition is also very different from exam to exam. It is also not a bad idea to prepare for multiple exams having similar syllabuses. You may focus more on the exam of your choice but still attempt other exams with some additional preparation. CAT, Bank PO, SSC & Railways are good examples of a set where there is a lot of overlap between exam syllabuses.

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