Mock Interview Services for Placement

Get ready for your placement interviews with LearnTheta’s Mock Interview Services. We know how important it is to nail your interview for campus placements. That’s why we’ve created a hands-on training experience to help you shine. Our mock interviews are just like the real thing, giving you a chance to practice in a realistic setting. Our experts are here to guide you every step of the way, offering feedback and tips to boost your confidence. Whether it’s your first big interview or you’re looking to brush up your skills, we’ve got your back. With LearnTheta, you’ll be prepared to tackle any question and impress your interviewers. Let’s get you ready to ace that placement interview!

Service Details

Charges: Rs 999/- for 1 session

Our mock interview service is meticulously designed to give you the best possible preparation for your big day. Each session lasts for a full hour, split into two critical halves:

  1. Mock interview that mirrors real-life interview scenarios (30 mins): This is your chance to practice answering a range of questions, from technical queries specific to your target industry or company, to behavioural questions that gauge your soft skills and personality.
  2. Feedback and discussion (30 minutes): Our expert interviewers will provide you with constructive feedback on your performance. They’ll highlight your strengths and pinpoint areas for improvement, offering practical advice and strategies to enhance your interviewing skills.

Sessions are conducted on Google Meet for a seamless and convenient experience. Prior to the interview, we encourage you to share your CV along with any specific industries or companies you’re targeting. This allows us to tailor the interview to your specific career aspirations, giving you a personalized and relevant experience.

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