Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is LearnTheta?

LearnTheta is an innovative online learning platform focused on making self-study more efficient for practice-intensive subjects like Math and Quantitative Aptitude. Founded by alumni of prestigious institutions, we leverage technology and innovation to offer affordable and effective learning tools.

2. Who can benefit from using LearnTheta?

Our platform is ideal for students and professionals preparing for quantitative aptitude for various competitive exams. Right now we are catering to CAT, Bank PO, SSC, Railways and Placement aptitude.

3. How is LearnTheta different from other learning platforms?

LearnTheta stands out with its personalized question curation, adaptive learning technology, and focus on independent study. Our platform continuously adapts to your learning pace and style, ensuring an optimized study experience.

4. What devices support LearnTheta?

LearnTheta is accessible on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers

5. Do I need a constant internet connection to use LearnTheta?

Yes, a stable internet connection is required to access our platform’s features and keep track of your progress efficiently.

6. How do I start using LearnTheta?

Simply sign up on our website, choose your course, and start practicing. Our platform will guide you through each step, from selecting topics to practicing questions and reviewing progress.

7. Can I track my progress on LearnTheta?

LearnTheta offers detailed progress tracking, including your performance in individual topics and overall improvement over time. This helps you understand your strengths and areas needing more focus.

8. Is there a trial period for new users?

Yes, we offer 7 days trial period for new users to experience the full range of LearnTheta’s features

9. What are the subscription plans available?

Visit our pricing page for detailed information on this:

10. How can I get help if I encounter problems or have questions?

You can reach out to our support team on [email protected]

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