Hire Skilled Fresh Graduates with LearnTheta

Discover the Untapped Potential of India’s Engineering Talent

India produces about 1.5 million engineers every year. With the rapid advancement of online edtech platforms, today’s graduates are more skilled than ever, often without formal work experience. However, many large companies focus on work experience, missing out on these talented individuals.

Why Hire Fresh Graduates?

  • Fresh Perspectives: New graduates bring innovative ideas and a fresh approach to problem-solving.
  • Adaptability: Young professionals are quick to learn and adapt to new technologies and methodologies.
  • Cost-Effective: Fresh graduates can be a more cost-effective resource for your organization.

How LearnTheta Can Help

At LearnTheta, we specialize in preparing engineering students for the challenges of the professional world. Our users are in their final year of engineering and have honed their skills through rigorous, adaptive practice on our platform.

Connect with the Right Candidates

If you are a startup, small business, or MNC that believes in the potential of fresh talent, let us help you find the right candidates. Share your job or internship requirements with us, and we will ensure your opportunities reach the skilled and dedicated students using LearnTheta.

Get Started

Email us at [email protected] with your job requirements, and we will assist you in connecting with top final-year engineering students who are ready to contribute and grow with your organization.

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