Telegram Groups: CAT and Placement Preparation

We’re excited to introduce our dedicated, free Telegram communities to help you in your journey to success. Whether you’re preparing for CAT, gearing up for placements, or searching for your first job, we’ve got you covered. Connect with like-minded individuals and achieve your goals with the support of LearnTheta mentors.

1. Free CAT Telegram Group: Doubts & Mentorship

Welcome to our Telegram group for CAT aspirants! Connect with peers and mentors who have excelled in CAT. Ask questions, discuss strategies, get guidance, and help others. No promotions allowed. Let’s focus on learning and supporting each other to succeed

2. Free Placement Preparation Telegram Group: Aptitude Help

Join our Telegram group for Placement Aptitude! Connect with peers, ask questions, discuss strategies, and get guidance to succeed. No promotions allowed. Let’s achieve our placement goals together!

3. Free Job Search Telegram Group for Freshers

Are you an engineering graduate looking to kickstart your career? You’re in the right place! This channel is dedicated to curating and posting the latest job opportunities for freshers with an engineering degree.

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