Master Your IIM Interview: Expert Insights and Mock Interviews for Aspiring MBA Candidates

Embark on your path to IIM interview success with LearnTheta, your trusted ally in navigating the challenging world of MBA admissions. At LearnTheta, we specialize in connecting aspiring MBA candidates with experienced IIM alumni who provide tailored mock interviews and insightful guidance. Our focus is on demystifying the IIM interview process, from the intricacies of the IIM CAP interviews to the specific demands of IIM interview questions. We believe in a personalized approach, ensuring each candidate receives expert advice that aligns with the latest trends and experiences of recent IIM interview cycles. Join us at LearnTheta and take a significant step towards realizing your IIM aspirations with the wisdom of those who have successfully walked this path

Service Details

Charges: Rs. 1000/- for 1 session

Session will be conducted on Google meet for about 1 hour with following breakup:

  1. Mock interview that simulates real IIM interview experience: 30-45 minutes
  2. Feedback & Discussion to help you refine your interview skills and strategy: 15-30 minutes

Meet Your Interviewer

Profile coming soon!

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